Nepal: Monks

Photo © Senén Germade

While living in Kathmandu and working in different photo assignments as a photojournalism intern I used to spend my free time travelling through Nepal, meeting new people and places and working on ideas for personal projects.

As a result of these activities I managed to get access to a monastery in the outskirts of Kathmandu where I spent a nice time documenting the daily life of the monks.

Finally I decided to select a few photographs and edit them as a small project or photo story. You can watch the full story by doing a click on the image above or on the next link:

Nepal: Assignment 4

Nepal Assignment 4: Indira Joshi  photoshoot

In my stay in Kathmandu I have been asked to collaborate with music artist Indira Joshi taking some still photographs during the filming of her new music video Changa Chait. The song is about kite flying competition breaking social rules where a girl challenges boys.

Photo©Senén Germade

The next gallery shows a selection of the pictures taken.

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